Update QCDMA-Tool V2.8.6.2

New Update QCDMA-Tool V2.8.6.2 
~ Build 2024-07-19 2:09:12 AM

- Update Moto VoLTE Models
Click Download From Motorola VoLTE Tab For Get New Models

#Added New Functions To VoLTE Tab
- Direct Change Network Mode (ADB Direct)
- Open Network Mode
- Open APN Settings With tutorial
- Open APN Edit With tutorial
- Read Network Status Info
- Reset Network & APN Settings (ADB Direct)
- Auto Diag Enable & Direct Founding Methods
- Added Auto Enable VoLTE & Fix Lost (WWAN)
#Improvrments & Fixes
- Improve Auto VoLTE Option
- Improve Auto IMS Option
- Improve VoLTE Over Diag Option
- Improve Qmisc Assist Option
- Improve MTK VoLTE Option
- Fixed Enable VoLTE (ROOT) Option
- Fix Timeout On Moto VoLTE

- Read Supported Carriers List
- Added Switch Carrier ID (ROOT)
- Disable OTA Updates
- Disable Payjoy
- Added New Models 3G/VoLTE

- Improve Read Supported Carriers List
- Improve Disable Knox/MDM Option
- Improve Disable OTA Updates Option
- Improve Change CSC (CID Manager) Optiob

- Add Supported Android 11+ For GET-SET Network Mode
Added WhatsApp Tricker Backup And Viewing chat history in Banned And Experied Whatsapp Mode.Versions
- Added Fix APK Installation
New Addtions And Improvments To PKG List Tab
- Added Read/Enable/Disable Overlays List
- Added Abality To Duble click to Run Applications
- Added Read Current Screen Package/Activity
- Added Option Preinstall Packages
- Improve Uninstall/Disable/Clear/Stop/Reinstall Options
- Improve Design And Sorting Packages and lists

- Improve Layout And Fonts
- Added Switch To QCDMA Assist App
- Improve Read/GET/SET/DELETE/RESET Options
[Switch MBN]
- Improve Layout And Fonts
- Fixed Active/Inactive/Remove Option

- Improve Write IMEI/MEID (QCOM)

[UI & Interface]
- Fixed Search For Object Option
- Boost Interface & Layout
- Other fixes for more strength and stability

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